Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Everyone Should Learn To Sell

If you have an entrepreneurial take on the way you live your life, it is likely that you're already familiar with the importance of being able to convey an idea or to present yourself in a way that motivates others to work with you.

In light of my recent experiences in the the post-graduation world, I think that knowing how to sell or knowing the process of making a sale is an invaluable skill to have. A sale is inherently more complex than someone deciding to make a transaction. A sale involves researching to find and target prospective buyers, developing knowledge and understanding of what it is you are selling, and then articulating this knowledge in a persuasive manner so that the buyer decides that your product or service is a worthy or functional purchase.

Believe it or not, transactions like this happen all the time in areas that you wouldn't necessarily think of as the world of commerce. Ideally, the ability to sell is quite helpful in what could be referred to as human commerce. An excellent example occurs in the process of job searching. Effectively, when searching for a job, you're selling yourself to potential employers. If done correctly, you will have taken the time to sit down and decide what skills you actually possess, to research and find companies that are in need of those skills, and once you're knowledgeable of your skills be able to tell these companies that you are in fact capable of fulfilling their need. This then is an example of why it is vital to know how to sell and is where it becomes a skill that can translate to many facets of life. Many would argue that a little sales knowledge could have saved many failed start ups. Its important to realize that many everyday interactions can benefit from sales experience. Getting a loan from a bank, convincing your extended family where to take this years family vacation, and pitching your business plan are all examples of "sales" you might make.

I may be taking a bit of an extreme position here in the interest of playing devil's advocate but I do believe that the ability to sell can serve you many times over and is essential life skill for anyone, no matter their business or occupation. How important do you think it is to know how to sell? Am I using the correct terms when applying it to real life situations? What experience have you had with this philosophy? Has it helped you?


Juan said...

100 percent true. Selling is the engine of any business and really a skill you need to get through life. I hear from job seekers every day who have trouble selling themselves to prospective employers. They don't understand the fact that they can effectively control an interview, because the employer has already shown an interest in them and is "looking to buy." But so many job seekers don't realize this and fail to close the deal and get the job.

Juan Rodriguez
employment blog

Chris said...

I don't like selling ANYTHING. I am Dungeon Master, and therefor only have time to send questers to their doooom...

I currently supervise over 30 dungeons around the Cincinnati, Detroit, and Milwaukee areas. I barely have time to check up on the civilian world online these days, what with all the questing, battling and COMPLAINERS in my dungeons. (NOTE: I don't really keep people prisoners if they don't want ;). I am talking of course about D&D)

Wait! I really have a point!! I need some one to join me on my travels to D&D conventions all over the midwest where I preside as Grand Dungeon Master over hundreds of lowly adventurers (HA! HA!). This said person would get to be my personal blogger, recording my exploits for all the civilian internet to wonder at and read. I am impressed by your blog, and I want to know if you will join me on my quest for ULTIMATE DUNGEON POWER!!!

Chris Newbury